Stafford American Legion Post 290

STANDING COMMITTEES (in list order from the current By-Laws; responsibilities are listed in the By-Laws)

Membership - Chaired by the First Vice Commander, plus with six members, "...who shall have charge of all matters pertaining to membership and shall investigate the qualifications and eligibility of all applications for membership and in the event of their disapproval, report same to the Post membership and shall announce at each meeting of the Post the names of all approved candidates and their sponsors." 

House - Chaired by the Second Vice Commander plus the Sergeant-at-Arms, and five members appointed at-large, three of whom will be Past Commanders.  "It shall have control of the building and grounds and shall be responsible for the maintenance, equipment, janitorial service, ordering of the fuels, police, neatness of grounds, fire inspection and monthly inventory of stored supplies, and equpment owned by the Post.  It will draw up Rules and Regulations governing the use of the Club, the Fire Plan for the building, the duties of the janitor and such other persons as are required for the maintenance and upkeep of the building.  The Committee shall keep a monthly chart of organizations using the building and a copy shall be furnished to each member of the House Committee. They will be conspiculously posted in the building.  Recommendations will be submitted to the Post Membership to hire janitors and/or such other persons as are required for the maintenance and upkeep and custodial services for the building and further recommend a list of names authorized by the House Committee to hold keys to any locks used in or out of the building."

Finance - Chaired by the Finance Officer, plus the Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, and three members appointed at-large from the Post's roster.  This committee "... shall be charged with the administration of the financial policy, preparation of budget recommendations, and supervision of receiving, disbursing and accounting of Post monies."

Legal - Chaired by the Judge Advocate plus two members, legally qualified if possible, or past Post Officers.  "The Legal Committee shall be charged with the legal supervision of the Post affairs, and audit of Post financial records."

Ways and Means - Chaired by the Third Vice-Commander and five Post members appointed at-large from the roster.  This committee "... shall be responsible for: the conduct of periodic and regular money making activities conforming to policies of the Post.  All special money making functions sponsored by the Post.  It shall make recommendations to the Post Membership for ways and means of accomplishing the above."

Entertainment - Chaired by the Third Vice Commander plus three or more members appointed at-large from the Post's roster.  This committee "... shall be charged with arrangement of social activities, the promotion of club advantages, the entertainment for Post meeting, such as speakers, music, refreshments, etc."

Rehabilitation and Service - Chaired by the Service Officer plus four members appointed at-large from the roster.  The committee "...shall be charged with all matters pertaining to service to comrades in the prosecution of all just claims against the United States or State Government, employment, relief, etc.  It shall be on the alert at all times to see that every veteran and member of this Post is receiving what is due him or her.

Child Welfare  - Consists of a Chairperson plus other members as deemed necessary, appointed at-large from the roster.  This committee "... shall be charged with the aid and service to children of Veterans, laboring for the betterment of child conditions and in coordinating services and agencies in the community for the above purposes, to act as intermediary for the needy child of the veteran in obtaining the fulfillment of the Legion's pledge that "no child of a World War Veteran shall be in need of the necessities of life" and "a square deal for every child."

Athletic - Chaired by the Athletic Officer plus other members as are deemed necessary, appointed at-large from the roster.  This committee "...shall be charged with the promotion of physical development and clean sports by the organization of Post Athletic teams, recreation, ec., and by cooperation and support of the general recreational and athletic programs of the community.

Publicity - Chaired by a Chairperson and other members as needed from the Post.  This committee "... shall be charged with the promotion of public support of the Legion's program, by the establishment of proper contact with the American Legion magazine, Department and National News Service and by local publicity of Post programs and activities and the preparation of a monthyl news bulletin of the Post program and activities." 

Americanism - Consists of a Chairperson, two vice-chairpersons and other members as deemed necessary and appointed at-large from the roster.  "A vice-chairman shall be responsible for each sub-committee.  [The Americanis committee] shall be divided into two (2) sub-committees as follows:  Patriotic activites - The Patriotic sub-committee shall be charged with the inspiration of patriotism and good citizenship by arrangements for proper observance of patriotic and civic phases of instruction in schools.  Subversive activities - The Subversive activities sub-committee shall be charged with Americanism of aliens combating anti-American propaganda by the eduction of the general public in American ideals through public forums and activities for community and civic betterment."

Defense (National Security) - Chaired by a Chairperson and other members as are deemed necessary from the roster.  This committee "...shall work with, and coordinate Legion efforts with the local defense council on matters pertaining to national, civilian, and home defenses.  To assist the armed forces of the in [sic] recruiting efforts and in every way be active in community activities for the defense of the nation and the security of the home."

Nominating Committee - Consists of a Chairperson and four members of the Post at-large.  "The Post Commander shall appoint only the chairman of the nominating committee.  The nomination committee shall report at the regular meeting during the month of April with the proposed slate of new officers.  Election of officers will be held at the regular meeting in May and nominations will be accepted from the floor.  The new officers will be installed in June." 

Legionnaire Committee - Consists of all past "Legionnaires of the Year" and the Post Commander.  "This committee shall meet and report to the Post Commander in the month of April."